Many things in life can lead us to feeling blue particularly in winter mother with colder temps and less day light. If that sounds too familiar, and you have an iPhone, you may just want to head to the iTunes store for one of Google’s latest apps called ‘HappyHealthy’ which offer mood boosting adjustment advice to its user.

The app along with giving you tips to better mood decisions also helps you track your bad moods to recognize triggers so you can avert the situation before it takes hold of you.

I really like the apps message “happiness is an inside job" and many things in our control such as food and life choices can affect the brains production of “”happy Hormones”

Google is hoping this non-intrusive set of reminders will help its users make better choices that will result in a happier life.

The company also sites an average of a 12% boost reported by users in the first week and up to 20% over 3 months.