So here we are, we officially have a winter wonderland.  Now for me I love being out of doors in winter.

But in case you dread the fluffy white stuff, I can tell you the trick to it is dressing up nice and warm, particularly with good boots and light layers. The next part to enjoying winter is finding something to do. Now if you don't ski or own a snowmobile, winter hikes, sledding and ice skating can be great.

Let's get a list going on the best sledding spots in Maine.

  • Bangor: Essex Street Recreation Area, a.k.a Widowmaker Hill, Essex Street
  • Bangor: Davenport Park at the corner of Maine and Cedar streets
  • Bangor: Hayford Park a.k.a. Union Street Hill
  • Brewer: Doyle Field Behind Brewer Audition, which is on Wilson Street
  • Brewer: Indian Trail Park, off North Main Street
  • Or if you don't mind spending a little there is a tubing park a Hermon Mountain
  • Fairmount Park, which is situated between Norway and Royal Roads off of Hammond Street
  • Bangor Gardens (on Knox Ave)
  • Chapin Park (between Parkview and Forest Avenues)
  • Stillwater Park (on Howard Street)

Please add to our list of locations!

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