This is your last chance this year to join the East Coast Ghost Trackers after dark in this spooky location using special equipment to try to find the spirits who still linger in the dark alleyways. 

Saturday October 10th from 6PM to 1AM get locked in to one of Maine's most haunted locations with the team who has been ghost hunting the fort for over 7 years. They will take you to the hot spots where the most ghostly activity is found. There they will try to make contact with the spirits using tons of different devices. They will also hand out some of these devices for the tour-goers to use.

There will also be time for some smaller group investigations as well as the touch game where one lucky willing person will be blind folded, given ear plugs, and left alone in a dark room.

Don't believe there is something ghostly lurking in the Fort? Check out the evidence caught on video by the East Coast Ghost Trackers. I have no idea what is peaking around the corner 31 minutes into the video below! Creepy!

There are only a few spots left so make sure you claim your spot soon by contacting the Friends of Fort Knox at 469-6553. Tickets are $30 a person with all proceeds going to restoration and maintenance of the Fort.

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