Should Maine be next?

Hawaii has officially banned plastic bags and other non-compostable bags from stores. Retailers that violate the ban face heavy fines, anywhere $100 to $1,000 dollars a day, per violation. Stores are being encouraged to offer reusable totes, 100% recyclable paper bags and compostable plastic bags.

Portland has already enacted an ordinance which requires grocery stores to charge customers five cents per-bag. Dry cleaners, restaurants and farmers markets are all exempt from the measure. The effort is aimed at reducing bags that litter the city’s parks, catch basins and harbor

South Portland and Freeport are also seeking to enact similar ordinances.

Less than one% of plastic bags are recycled. It actually costs more to recycle a plastic bag, than to create a new one.

Should Maine go all-in and join Hawaii in an flat-out ban?

Over 100 billion plastic bags are handed out in the United States each year.