Who would have thought that back in March that we would still be dealing with COVID-19 10 months later? The social isolation, quarantining early night times have and continue to take a toll on everyone. However MDI residents can take advantage of a group that is willing to help and are looking for more volunteers if you are able to assist.

You are asked to fill out this form if you need help with, or can offer help with any of the following

  • Childcare
  • Conversation/Support with neighbors
  • Cooking
  • Delivery (Shopping/Picking Up Food/Supplies)
  • Internet Access for Online Classes
  • Medical Advice (Medical Professionals Only)
  • House Cleaning
  • Social Services Guidance
  • Tutoring or Education Services

If you are struggling with Internet Access with AOS 91 schools switching to full remote learning for 2 weeks, through January 15th, you should let your building principal know ASAP.

If you are elderly and need rides, you should reach out to Island Connections

If you have COVID-19 questions, are feeling lonely, you can always call 2-1-1.

If you are a non-profit or agency that are offering services to Hancock and Washington County residents and want to publicize the information, please email me the info

We are all in this together. Remember to mask up! Wash your hands! Remain socially distant. Better days are coming!

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