Mainers have been busy lately looking up with intrigue and wonderment.

Every now and then we like to cruise the web to see what fellow Mainers have seen in both the daytime and nighttime skies. When it comes to unidentified flying objects, most of the time we dismiss their findings, and then there's those few other times that just make us think, are we really alone?

We once had a firm believer tell us that "if you want them to come, then they will."

Overall, we like the way things are right now and hope that if there is life out there in the vast universe, they decide to leave well enough alone. But, if that's not the case, then there's not a damn thing that we can do about it, other than contact the National UFO Reporting Center like these Mainers recently did.

On Thursday night, February 20th, 2020, at 6, someone in Hermon reported this: "Light hovering in sky. Orange or yellow. Double sphere, one on top of the other. West of Bangor airport, near Hermon."

Earlier that afternoon on February 20th, someone in Brownville reported that this is what happened within a 5 minute period: "white lights materialize and fly in a straight line formation.  observed a straight line formation of white objects moving in the sky, heading north, north east. At first observing a round white light moving and then joining a line formation. The lights seemed to materialize and slowly drift downwards, side to side and then join the formation. I observed at least five lights materialize and join a formation of at least a dozen of these objects. I retrieved a cell phone but the camera couldn't pick them up...."

Are you spooked yet? Really? Okay, here's more.

This report came in from Scarborough after someone observed something in the sky at 12:10 p.m on Thursday, February 13th:  "Triangular shape, gaseous-hazy outlined object high up observed 5 min., not moving, slowly dissipated, shiny sphere fell same proximity.

While doing window maintenance 2nd floor bath, facing north I saw an out-of-place, gaseous triangular shaped cloud ? No other clouds in sky. The shape appeared to mirror the color of the sky when looking @ it, the outline was a cloud like haze. Was not moving. I do not know how long the object was there, however, my viewing lasted five minutes @ 1210pm - 1215pm, 2-13-20. Object outline began to evaporate/disappear "like a fuse would burn", it started at one corner and gone. Then immediately, center to the objects position fell a shiny orb, straight down behind a distant tree line. Monitored the position for an hour, no further data."

On Sunday night, February 9th, at about 7:40, while driving in the small town of Northfield in Washington County, someone saw this: "Large, luminous bright white sphere traveling at a high rate of speed. We were driving home from Bangor Monday evening (Feb. 9, 2020) and saw a large, round, bright white orb in the sky between Northfield and Marshfield. We were traveling south on Highway 192 on our way home to Machias, just talking, and the orb appeared in the sky to the east of the road. It was moving at a high rate of speed in a direction that looked like it might be heading for the bay, or maybe even Hadley Lake. When it got below treeline we lost sight of it. We’ve been watching the paper today to see if there was any mention of it, but there’s been nothing. We have both seen plenty of meteors and shooting stars while living in Colorado prior to moving to Maine, and this was nothing like it. No tail, no elongation, no color differentiation. Just pure, glowing white and round like a giant luminous ball. There wasn't enough time to pull over to try to take an image. This struck us as significant because of another recent sighting in Maine while approaching B! angor International Airport on a United Airlines flight from Newark to Bangor on Dec. 10, during which I saw numerous orbs in the sky as we dropped in for landing (my husband was not with me on this flight). Those orbs seemed to be orange-ish in color and were stationary. Again, there was no mention of anything in the news. I attempted to take a photograph with my phone, but it didn't come out. Those orbs were less clearly defined and seemed to be hazy or blurry around the edges."

So there you go, log onto Netflix and watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind again if you want, or maybe give it a listen and relive H.G. Well's The War of the Worlds one more time. But know that if you get a thrill when the hair on the back of your neck stands up straight, then maybe all you have to do is just be out in the dark Maine night at the right time, and looking up.

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