The days have been noticeably warmer, and with sunshine in the sky longer each day, Maine residents are ready to clean up their yards and properties.


Did you know that if you live in Bangor, there are multiple programs the City has created to help you get rid of the waste you may have accumulated during the fall and winter months?

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According to the City's website,, the city provides roadside pickup of both brush and scrap metal, a spot at the Public Works Facility at 530 Main Avenue for folks to drop off branches, brush, plants/weeds, and leaf waste, and a referral program for individuals looking to get rid of hazardous or bulky waste.


The Spring Cleaning Pickup date the City has set for this year is May 2nd. That's when Public Works crews will go house to house, picking up branches, yard waste, and scrap metal. But there is a specific way it needs to be presented or Public Works won't make the pickup and skip your place.

A man holding a box with leaves about to fall out

" Please pile your waste parallel to the road, but not in the road, avoid low hanging wires, and don’t stack it around your household trash bin.

If your branches aren’t out when we clean up your street you will need to bring them to Public Works at 530 Maine Ave. as we won’t be able to make a second trip around the city.

Lumber, boards, and demolition debris will not be picked up. If these are mixed in with your branches, the branches will not be picked up.

Examples of acceptable metal waste include washers, dryers, charcoal grills, etc."

Chemical waste in barrels

The City cannot pick up hazardous waste like freon, paint, mercury, or gas/oil. Nor does it pick up electronics.


Those materials need to be disposed of in very specific ways. What the City can do in those instances is provide people with referrals to the organizations and facilities that can help with that kind of disposal.

Dumpsters being full with garbage container trash on ecology and environment

For larger items that can't be collected during the Spring Cleanup, the City's website says Cassella Waste has some other options for disposal.

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