It was a very rare day for weather this past Saturday when four separate tornadoes touched down in Maine.  The National Weather has summarized all four occurrences, and here is when, where, how powerful they all were, and the damage that they caused.

Image taken from National Weather Service Gray ME Facebook page

Tornado #1 formed as a huge waterspout and touched down on the western shore of Sebago Lake at 2:25pm Saturday.  It had maximum winds of 65 to 75 MPH.  It was about 50 yards wide and ran on a path of about 1.9 miles long.

Tornado #2 touched down on the west side of Bridgton at 4:42PM and had winds of 90 to 100 MPH.  It was about 250 yards wide and ran on a path for about 2 miles.  It uprooted large trees and knocked over several phone poles. One area resident reported a funnel pulling up water as it crossed Moose Pond.

Tornado #3 touched down in North Oxford at 6:09PM and had winds of 90 to 95 MPH. It was approximately 200 yards wide and ran for about four-tenths of a mile.  Dozens of trees were uprooted and fell on cabins, one vehicle, a boat and a dock.

Tornado #4 also formed in Bridgton around 6:14PM.  This one had wind speeds of 100 to 110 MPH, was about 200 yards wide and traveled for 2.2 miles.  This tornado formed over Highland Lake, and then uprooted large trees, some over two-feet in diameter, that fell onto vehicles and structures.  One person was hurt when they were cut by flying glass.  At one point, the tornado briefly uplifted before setting down again.