They say money can't buy you happiness, but lord knows if you have enough of it, you can do your best to try. I guess it depends on what happiness means to you. For some folks, happiness could quite possibly come in the purchase of a new home. Maybe one like this:

Photo: Susan Ferrante-Collier, The Knowles Co. via

Or perhaps, you are a person who would be happiest if they could buy a house that requires them to fix up the entire thing themselves. Masochist? Maybe a tad. But if that's the case, very little money could buy you the ultimate happiness.

Photo: Vision Property, Vision Property Management via

I bring these up, because you are looking at the most, and l;eat, expensive houses in all of Maine. That sweet mansion-y house is in Bar Harbor, and I actually brought it's awesomeness to your attention earlier this summer. For a cool $15 million, you could own this house. It's actually listed at $15.5 million, but I bet they'd be willing to knock off that other half mil.

The other house is in Baileyville, Me and is listed at the extremely reasonable price of $5500. Granted, judging from the two photos in the listing, it's definitely a fixer-upper. But again...maybe it's your dream to move into someplace that you literally have to pretty much sink your teeth into. And your back, and your blood, and your sweat, and your tears.

Either way, these are the extremes you can go to with your money here in Maine. But what I really wonder is, why doesn't whoever buys the big house in Bar Harbor, just snatch up the Baileyville one too. That way they can tell everyone they bought the most, and least expensive houses in Maine. I know that kind of ridiculous spending, might actually feel like I just bought happiness.