Tomorrow is the big day!  Election Day 2020.  It's finally here.  'Bout time.

The Cross Insurance Center will be open tomorrow between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. so that you can cast your vote.

The Bangor City's Clerk's Office at the Center will be open today, Monday, and also Thursday and Friday of this week for the regular business of stuff like paying taxes and marriage licenses between 8 and 4:30.  The Clerk's Office will be close Tuesday and Wednesday though.

Of course residents of Bangor will vote there Tuesday, and then the Cross Insurance Center will be closed to all non-election business on Wednesday so that folks can process and count ballots.

There will be two entrances for voters on election day, as Bangor residents with last names beginning with A - L will enter via the southwest entrance, and then those with last names beginning with M-Z will enter via the rotunda entrance located at the corner of Main and Buck Streets.

If you still posses an absentee ballot you can return that up until 8 on election day night at both the City Clerk’s Office at the Cross Insurance Center or the ballot box located in the parking lot at City Hall on Harlow Street. Get there after 8 with it and you're out of luck.

Need a free ride to the Cross Insurance Center or City Hall?  Election Day is also "free fare day" aboard the Bangor Community Connector.

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