If the clouds diminish for us, some nights later in the week may provide some good viewing of this very unnatural phenomenon.

This past Saturday night, Facebook filled with sightings of the SpaceX Starlink Satellite system high above Maine.  Some wondered exactly what it was.  Was it a gathering of alien spacecraft or possibly a giant long stretch of space junk.

Some may say it's the later.

However you view South African Elon Musk's interstellar internet service it does present a strange scene as 417 satellites stretch across the night sky. Each satellite is about the size and shape of a flattened car and is illuminated by the glare of the sun. They will eventually be joined by hundreds more.

Using FindStarlink.com, here's when you may be able to see the sight this week, providing that the clouds break up just a little for you.

TONIGHT: 8:59, Look Northwest to Northeast.  Also at 10:34, look Northwest.

TUESDAY NIGHT: 8:48, look West to South.  Also at 9:34, look Northwest to Northeast.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: 8:35, look Northwest to East.  Also at 10:10, look Northwest to Northwest.

THURSDAY NIGHT: 9:10, Look Northwest to East.  Also at 10:46, look West.

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