Before you buy that Maine Lottery ticket, why not check the specific games where the unclaimed money is - the cash that's waiting to be won!

Recently, a man from Kennebunk won $1 million by scratching a $25 Ultimate Millions instant game lottery ticket.  Robert Stuart said that he was "feeling lucky" as he bought the ticket from a vending machine at Hannaford.

Yes, there's always luck, but a little preliminary work may pay off as well!

Did you know that the Maine Lottery posts a DAILY LISTING of the top remaining unclaimed prizes for current instant games?  Yes, they do!  Winning tickets that are still out there just waiting to be purchased at stores all across Maine.

As of today, there are 4 $50,000,000 CASH BLOWOUT tickets each worth $1 million still in circulation, along with 8 tickets worth $100,000 each.  The list is pretty extensive, but interesting, especially for those that play the games!



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