As the snow melts in Maine, people aren't the only ones able to access places like barns and garages and sheds once again. The abundance of critters that call our state home, who have been hunkering down throughout the winter, are becoming more active, and subsequently more visible to the humans around them.

Louise Wightman
Louise Wightman

But before you set those live traps to try to catch and movie these animals to locations more appropriate, The Critter Guy says it's better to wait until fall. And here's why:

Spring is the time of year when a majority of wildlife give birth. So that skunk you want to evict from under your deck might just have a family it's leaving behind. And do you really want to deal with that, too?

skunk in nature during fall

According to a recent post put up on The Critter Guy Facebook Page,

"Most of these new babies will be completely helpless for several weeks and will die if you trap and relocate their mothers!

The kindest thing to do is leave them in place for several weeks until they start leaving the den with their mothers."
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The Critter guy says that instead of trapping and relocating the parents, there are a few other things you can try, to encourage the entire family to leave.

Leaving rags soaked in perfume or smelly cleaning solutions right by the entrance to a space you think a critter might live in is one thing that might work (although he's quick to point out NOT to use mothballs, as they are toxic.)

Clouse up the rat in dry leaf background. Animal contagious disease concept.

Another thing he says you can try is "24-hour music or talk radio, and bright lights", too. Sometimes any or all of those can be enough to inspire an animal to find another spot for their family to whole up.

An opossum,commonly called possum, is displaying a fiercs snarl.

Basically, what you want to avoid is a situation where you trap a mom, and leave the babies behind, because those will likely need to be taken to a wildlife rehab center, and those see an uptick in everything but funding in the springtime.

"These centers spend tens of thousands of dollars caring for them...and they rely solely on donated funds or money out of their own pockets. DON'T BE THE CAUSE OF WILD ORPHANS!"

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