I have noticed, over the past few years, an interesting trend; more and more, as methods of communication, grow, schools, local emergency agencies, and municipalities have started to adopt broad alert systems that can notify residents of important and timely information during an emergency situation.

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The town of Hermon recently let its residents know that they can now opt-in to their new "Code RED" alert system through email, text, or app alerts.

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According to the Town Of Hermon Fire Department's Facebook Page, along with information about missing persons, criminal activity, and/or shelter or lockdown situations, the Code RED alert system will also be used for things like traffic delays or construction projects, town office closures or special municipal dates, and even lost or recovered dog notices.


"The winter weather we have been experiencing of late reminds us of the need to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies. Town of Hermon residents can sign up for free to be a part of our Code Red alerting program and get notification of not only weather emergencies but other information that may be of value to you."

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All Hermon residents have to do, if they'd like to be on the list, is to register by either going online to hermonmaine.gov and clicking on the Code RED icon, downloading the Code RED App to their smartphone (from wherever you get your apps) or by simply texting the word HERMON to 99411.

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