Once again, we wanted to reward our I-95 Listeners with a chance to win a delicious lunch delivery, so we launched our "Get Lucky At Work with I-95" giveaway in the beginning of this month. The prize: a poppin' pizza party, courtesy of Tesoro's pizza in Bangor!

Our "lucky" winner was Andrew Brogden, a firefighter in Orono!

Donning their St. Paddy's Day best, JStew & Cori headed out Wednesday to hook up a bunch of deserving dudes with some yummy treats. Here's how it all went down!

JStew: It's funny in some ways, that radio is my chosen profession. I'm generally pretty shy, and don't like to draw a lot of attention to myself. But the prospect of putting on my St. Patty's best and dropping off lunch to a bunch of awesome firefighters was a no brainer. Sure, I always feel a little awkward in my kilt, even though I love it so much.  But considering Dennis, one of the firefighters was in a green firefighter's helmet, I felt like I fit right in with the guys, hahaha. and the folks at Tesoro's were absolutely fabulous. They hit it right out of the park. In fact, I want to go back there today for lunch, because I didn't want to steal any pizza from the folks at the firehouse. Next time though, I'll definitely steal some of their pie!

Cori: There were so many fun parts of this day. Getting to meet and visit a bunch of guys whom we usually just communicate with online when they send us requests, in person--and see where they work and what they do, was fun. We got to reward some very hard working and deserving heroes, and got to be silly doing it. Check out the pictures of all the fun below.

Get Lucky At Work With I-95 Recap

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