There's a lot that I remember about Easter at my house, growing up. My mom always cooked a big delicious meal, complete with Easter sweet bread. We always had dye on our hands from coloring eggs. And the baskets always had a chocolate bunny in them...and that blasted green grass! We'd be finding long green plastic strands in the most random of places, late into the summer! That stuff was the pits! But the goodies were yummy!

Today, we want to hear all about your Easter experiences: What do you put in your baskets? What did you used to do when the kids were small? What's your celebration look like now?

Here's what you had to say!

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Elizabeth Rachel Emerson Corbett Easter, stuffed rabbits and candy
Mary Klein Drouin I personally love peeps. They have to be left open, so they start to get firm. We have always had easter egg hunts and baskets and I've tried to stick with the tradition. My son is almost 15. I still make him a basket, just less candy and more money and gift cards hidden in the eggs.
Liz McCullen Peeps, chocolate bunny, Cadbury egg, and jelly beans.
Melissa Avery Burns My son is 15 and still wants an egg hunt... so candy there. Books, swim trunks, t shirts, slides, etc for the basket (ie: prep for summer!)
Dennis Bean Reeses Peanut Butter eggs....with a gallon of milk....i can make those bad boys disappear faster than bunnys can re produce!!! A kite was always a good treat. No matter the age. And often times he would leave a fishing wheels cars....squirt guns....
Lissa Bucklin I sent my granddaughter, a mix of,candy,craft supplies and jeweley.She's 5, and her favorite was lollipops,that make a tattooed,on the tongue! I have to admit,I buy all year long ,when I see a goody,I get it for later.My grandsons,16 and 18,like,cash(who doesn't)beef jerky and their favorite candy.
Michelle Poirier Reese’s peanut butter eggs are a must for me, I don’t even care if there’s nothing else!
Kari Jo Davis I put an assortment of mini candy bars, an assortment of jellybeans, a solid chocolate bunny (good chocolate) and a toy, (age appropriate) or a stuffed animal. Ive been known to also make up large fruit baskets..
Kate Boyington Cadbury mini eggs, Cadbury cream eggs, and peeps
Shari Giffard Keefe We have an egg hunt for the grand kids. I also make an angel cake, frost with whip cream and let the grands decorate with jelly beans, peeps and coconut.
Sandra Lyn I miss doing Easter for my son. It was so much fun. We'd put candy in those plastic eggs and hide em inside and out. The basket filled with tons of chocolate and toys like a frisbee or a wiffle ball & bat. I think I liked it more than he did LOL
Greg Miller My kids are grown so I don't do Easter anymore ... I used to love Cadbury's cream eggs when they were affordable
Marlene Lozier Peeps, peeps and more peeps, and Reese peanut butter eggs.
Jen Megquier Cadbury mini eggs are my favorite Easter candy.
Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Peeps! I put together some baskets yesterday!
Angela Walsh Cadbury eggs are a must!

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