We have been fortunate here in the Bangor area not to have had too much lasting snow this winter.  I can remember years when the banks were 7 feet tall.  Still after the last storm visibility has definitely been effected and everyone from the Maine Department of Safety to the Maine DOT is reminding us of the things we need to do to keep everyone  whole and unharmed while we wait for spring.

I think this video resonated with me for several reasons.  For one when I was out walking this morning there were several places that the sidewalks were not usable so I was in the road.  I stayed as far off to the side as I could but it would have been nice if people would have slowed down some.

Also as a rather vertically challenged person in a sedan I can tell you that some banks are hard for me to see over so I have to creep out a bit to see if anything is coming. I am sure that I ma not alone in this practice so be watchful for those of us who need to nose out a bit and for those of us doing the nosing be sure to go nice and slow so we don't need to do all that annoying paperwork that comes with a fender bender.

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