Had enough of winter?  At least initially, it sounds like the Hillbilly Weatherman has too!

After a little bit of disgruntlement, the Hillybilly Weatherman cuts right to the chase about this week's storm, "Classic Nor'easter" he says!  Hillybilly then goes on to explain his S.H.I.T. theory about the storm.  Yup, that's right, "Storm, How, Intensity and Timing", bet you never heard this one on the TV before!

Now remember, his timing is a little off, he's not in Maine but New Hampshire, but overall it sounds like he's right on the money with other reputable meteorologists spouting off on the tube.

"Got a hell of a nor'easter in store. What we thought was spring coming, Old Man Winter is playing a trick, dumping a bunch of snow on us, so, what are you gonna do right?  Gonna get out there and we're gonna deal with it."

Wise words indeed.



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