The third season of the survivalist show Alone debuts tonight, and on the show this time is a man from Appleton, Maine!

Zachery Fowler, 37, is one of ten contestants and a "self-taught survivalist" who will try to outlast each other in Patagonia, a part of Argentina on the southern tip of South America.  The contestants who are vying for the $500,000 grand prize will each be dropped off in very remote locations with limited tools and supplies, and the one who lasts the longest wins.

Each contestant is allowed to bring ten items for survival, and here is what Fowler has chosen according to the History Channel website:

1. Shovel: Spetznas (Russian Special Forces) model w/ sharpened edge
2. Sleeping Bag: -20°
3. Ax: felling ax
4. Pot: 2 quarts w/ handle
5. Ferro Rod
6. Slingshot: custom-made, 2 elastic bands, 30 pieces of ammo
7. Fishing Line & Hooks: 25 hooks; 20 lb test & 50 lb test
8. Paracord
9. Saw: crosscut saw
10. Multitool: pliers, guthook, screwdriver, blade, spoon gauge, file, scissors, sewing awl

Fowler, originally from Vermont is a proven versatile kind of guy, who lives in a self-made yurt with his wife and two kids, and he's also a very good boat builder.  In the video above he says that he'll miss his family the most, along with toilet paper.

Let's hope that he can outlast the others.  Season one was won by a guy who made it 56 days in Canada's wilderness, while season two's winner lasted 66 days in the same location.

The show premieres tonight at 9PM on the History Channel!

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