We live in Ellsworth, and have done so for over thirty years. Even after working in the Bangor area Monday through Friday, we still make the trip again on Saturdays to do our grocery shopping at the Brewer Hannaford.  Here's a big reason why.

The traffic in Ellsworth has become horrendous.  Labor Day has come and gone, and it's still bad.  See the video above that was shot back around September 14th and posted on Facebook by The Ellsworth Townie.  It shows northbound traffic on High Street backed up as far as the eye can see.

Pretty amazing stuff, especially for us "old timers", that used to sit in the old Maine Coast Mall parking lot at night and watch just a few cars pass by, most of those driven by folks that we knew.

Two Saturdays ago, we drove from Main Street out to Tractor Supply on Route 3 via High Street.  Picked up a quick bag of bird seed and then attempted to make our way back.  The trip took almost an hour.

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