Hurricane Jose very well may be a tropical storm by the time is passes by Downeast Maine this Tuesday night and throughout Wednesday, but for mariners it still should be a major concern.

The U.S Coast Guard reminds us that when a hurricane or tropical storm watch is issued, anyone out to sea should seek a safe port or harbor as soon as one can possibly do so!

"Forecasted marine and coastal effects, including 34-63 knot winds and 20-30 foot seas, could pose life threatening conditions for mariners", according to a U.S. Coast Guard press release.

"We understand the sea is a livelihood for many people - but this is one of those few times when we urge everyone, commercial and recreational boaters, to stay off the water," said Captain Richard Schultz, commander of Sector Southeastern New England.

Here's a few other tips so that you don't get blown out to sea and have to take up residence in Ireland.

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