Yes, we agree, carefully.  But wait, there's more.

Shortly, turtles here in Maine will be on the move. They don't move very fast, so they may need a little help every now and then to get out of harms way, especially with cars zooming by in both directions.

While you may see folks on Facebook talking about turtles in the road periodically right now, it's really in about a month or so that they slide their traveling shoes on, if turtles did indeed have shoes.

Beginning in June, turtles will start to "nest", and we'll all see the familiar site of turtles burying their bottoms in the loose sand on the side of our roads.  Every now and then Mother Turtle will get hungry herself and decide to cross the road, because we all know that's where the food is, on the other side.

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Here's how to help a turtle out of the road, according to Red Eared Sliders & Aquatic Turtles:

  1. Of course the #1 thing to do is to look out for yourself.  If you see a turtle in the road, make the determination if you can safely help it out.  Don't risk your life for a turtle. Mother Nature will make more. Park where it's safe to do so.  Constantly watch for vehicles.
  2. You'll want to help the turtle go in the direction that it was going.  Don't argue or fight with it to get it to change direction.  The direction it was heading in is where it wants to go.
  3. ALWAYS keep your hands away from the turtle's face, remember, some of them snap or bite.  Use both hands to hold them by their sides towards the end of their shell. One should never pick up a turtle by it's tail, you could damage the turtle's spine. Set it down gently on the other side of the road.

There, you saved a life.  Make sure that you continue to save yours by watching the road as you head back to your vehicle.

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