If you've been needing to see a physical therapist for a sports or injury-related injury, but can't afford those services, this might just be your lucky day!

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Husson University re-opened its SOARing Eagles Healthcare clinic last week. And according to Husson's Executive Director or Communications, Eric Gordon:

"This clinic offers free physical therapy services to anyone, of any age, who is uninsured or underinsured, and needs treatment but cannot afford to pay for it themselves."

That elbow injury you got from raking leaves, that tweaked neck muscle you gave yourself when you tried to reach behind the couch to get the remote when it fell, that pain you now feel in your back since trying to do cartwheels on the lawn with your kids; these students might just be able to help you find some relief for what ails you.

Woman at physiotherapist office exercising with band

Husson administrators estimate that since the "SOARing Eagles Healthcare Clinic first opened, Husson students have provided close to $30,000 worth of physical therapy services, for free.

"Husson graduate students will be providing the physical therapy treatments under the supervision and oversight of licensed therapists. The sessions are a great way for students to get hands-on experience in actual physical therapy treatment settings as they simultaneously help underinsured and non-insured Bangor-area residents suffering from pain and movement dysfunctions."

Gordon says that in the coming months, the Husson hopes the clinic will be able to offer an Annual PT Checkup, as well.

As someone who has always had a hard time justifying the cost of fixing the injuries I've had, I would have jumped at an opportunity like this.

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If you want more information, or want to schedule an appointment, Gordon says it's very simple:

"Anyone interested in learning more about SOARing Eagles Healthcare or scheduling an appointment should email soaringeagleshealth@gmail.com or contact Dr. Kimberly Steinbarger, PT, MHS, DHSc, at 207.941.7181. Appointments are available on Fridays from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m."

The clinic is located at 79 Marshall Road in Bangor.

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