Thatasfasdfasdfad I'm sure that's exactly what Sara Gagne did as she was driving down Water Street in Augusta and spotted something peculiar.

Honestly, at first I would have assumed it was just a man walking his dog, but if you look closely, that man is walking a goat!

Seeing goats in Maine isn't entirely uncommon, but it doesn't usually happen with the goat on a makeshift downtown Augusta.

If you're not familiar with Water Street, it's not like it's near a bunch of farmland. It runs alongside the Kennebec River and there's a lot of traffic and small businesses. None of which, have anything to do with goats. To my knowledge, there isn't even a pet store.

So, mystery man, is this your goat? Where did you acquire the goat? Where are you taking the goat? Do you have a goat tattoo? And most importantly, what's the goat's name?

We may never get the answer to these questions but I hope, at the very least, this man and his goat pal are enjoying a lovely Maine summer together.

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