While we may not be hosting a Memorial Day Parade her in Bangor this year, there will still be smaller ceremonies across the state to honor those who have served and sacrificed for this country. Beyond an excuse to have BBQs and 3 day weekends, Memorial Day give us an opportunity to pay tribute to the brave men and women who have given their lives so that we might have the freedoms afforded to us.

This morning we asked you to share the names of the friends and family you'll be remembering this weekend, so we could join in paying tribute to these folks who have made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf.

JStew: Call it luck or whatever, but no one in my family was ever killed in action in any war. Plenty of my family served, but thankfully, all of them came home. My dad was active during the Viet Nam war in the Air Force, and my uncle served in the Army during the Korean war. But... I do believe it's our duty to recognize folks who gave everything for this country. They did their duty, so that's why honoring them is ours.

Cori: I grew up in Orono. And in 2010, another kid from Orono, who had grown up to become a Black Hawk helicopter crew chief. Army Staff Sargent Brandon Silk died in the line of duty in Afghanistan, during Operation Enduring Freedom, on June 21st, 2010.

They actually dedicated a bridge in Orono in his memory. And if you're ever in the Bangor DMV, there's a plaque up on the wall that commemorates him, as well. Check it out.

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Here are some of the folks who will be remembered this Memorial Day Weekend:

Estin Harriman

While I never met him every year I think of my cousin Mike Wardwell who died in Vietnam and was used in this statue at the Cole land transportation museum as the soldier.  I took that [this picture] on the day it was debuted to the public in 2004.
May be an image of 3 people, outdoors and monument

Doug Springer Too many to mention, but specifically my wife’s father. Capt Richard Hock. 101st Airborne. Died 1972 - Thua Tien.

Laura Manzo My Grandfather, Donald E Helstrom Sr. One of the first members of the 10th Mountain Division. Fought in WWII until he broke his leg on a mountain. He bunked with Bob Dole in Colorado.

Craig Florey My father Richard Florey.

Phil Robertson Colonel Jonathan Eddy, the founder of the town of Eddington

Mary K. Drew William Meisel of Old Greenwich, CT.

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