For over 70 years the Butterfields Ice Cream Shop, located on West Main Street, has been serving folks in the Dover Foxcroft area homemade ice cream.

When I was little, my family used to drive from Orono to Dover to go to the dentist. And the one thing that would almost always ensured our cooperation during the visits was the promise of a stop to Butterfields Ice Cream on the way home. It didn't matter that we may have drooled most of it out on to our laps on the ride back, we all thought Butterfields was the bees knees. The ice cream from Butterfields had a lot to do with my current love affair with homemade ice. And I know there are a lot of other Buttferfields fans out there.

That's why when owners Robert and Donna Winkler took to Facebook this weekend and posted this news, it created an instant lump in my throat.

For the community, Butterfields represents such a great piece of their childhood. It's woven right in to the history of the area. And trips to Dover just won't be the same without it.

The response to the news took many by surprise. People flooded the comment section with feelings of sadness and disappointment, while others shared their favorite memories and well wishes to the owners as they enter this next chapter of their lives. Many commented that it was "the end of an era". A number of people voiced their hope that whomever does end up buying the business, would continue to run it with the same community based values as it's always kept true to.

I would echo that. I hope whomever decides to take Butterfields over, can continue to operate with that same homemade, hometown spirit.

Until then, the Winklers will continue to operate the shop until the transfer can be made. I smell a road trip to Dover coming up soon.


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