You have a little over nineteen days left to vote for new Monopoly play pieces and to keep some of your favorite old ones.  But here's the question of the day: If only people from Maine could choose the new Monopoly play pieces, and could choose anything, what would they be?

If you play the board game Monopoly, you know that the current eight pieces are: the Scottie dog, car, top hat, battleship, boot, thimble, wheelbarrow, and the newest, the cat.

Starting today and ending on January 31st, fans of Monopoly can take part in the Monopoly Token Madness Vote, and choose what pieces we'll be using for the next generation or so.  New pieces include a scooter, hashtag, phone, roller skates, rubber ducky, TV, T-Rex, key, wagon wheel, sunglasses and  basketball, among others.

Results will be announced on March 19th which is World Monopoly Day, and the new pieces will show up in games sometime in August.

Now if people from Maine got to produce their own play pieces what would they be?  Here is a list of items that we thought would fit, choose your favorites, add ones that you can think of, and maybe we'll send the results in to the powers that be at Hasbro!





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