Crime doesn't pay, and apparently neither do some people in Brewer!

It goes without saying that if you visit a local establishment for a nice meal, you pay the check before you exit the premisies, right? Well, this isn't always the case, so one local restaurant in the Brewer area decided to call out those don't beleive in common sense.

The amazing Mason's Brewing Company, located at 15 Hardy Street in Brewer, serves up tasty brews and excellent food, but they also have a new feature called "Guests of the Week"

The recently have had a bunch of people coming in, enjoying a great meal, and then leaving without paying. Now maybe they just forgot to bring their wallets, or maybe they were in a hurry, but either way, they have captured them on camera. And thanks to the beauty (or curse) of social media, we can all get a look at the perpettrators!

Patrons of course, put their two cents in on the matter:

Angelina Murphy
It's sad that it took you calling them.out for them to pay. They obviously knew they didn't. Glad they came forward.

Mossy Ledge Spirits
We hope they are found. Unfortunately we have started a 'Wall of Shame' recently. The name and tab is taped to the wall for all to see.

Joey Anderson
Get the same security system Maine military has. It'll make this an even better game.

Laura Foster
I'll never understand the mentality of those who think they can get away with this stuff. I hope they're found and the book is thrown at them!

Jennifer Lynn
I’m glad they made it right! Props to them for taking that step. I’d probably avoid public places for a hot minute if I were them (hopefully the pd had a little chat with them though..)

Scott Simonds
I’d be willing to help settle one or more of these tabs - the servers deserve a tip, too. How about a Venmo or something? We love Mason’s.

Darin Spack
I hate that people do this, but I love that you guys are blasting it. Maine mill does it. Others should as well.

Jody Dow Farwell
Well that worked out rather well! It’s a shame you had to go so far, but maybe people will realize this is not okay

Wendy Maselli
So wrong. I’d report that license plate to the police department.

Robyn Gallant
I wonder if they honestly forgot?!

Nicole Murchison
They weren't sorry until they were outed don't just "forget" to pay.

Ted Donovan
Put a sign saying you have to pay before you’re served if you have a problem with people not paying 

About a year and a half ago, High Tide had the same problem, is this a Brewer thing?

When I saw this story, I couldn't help but remember the episode of That 70's show, where Kelso, Eric, Donna, Jackie, Hyde, and Fez all went out to a fancy dinner that Kelso had agreed to pay for because the gang didn't have any money. Of course, you know what happened next, Kelso pulled a dine & dash and stuck everyone else at the table.

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