If you are a sucker for a Maine winter then winter time camping must be your must-do activity of the year.

From December 15th to March 15th you can enjoy winter-time camping at Maine State Parks.  There are 8 State Parks where you can enjoy many winter activities and winter camping that are located at all corners of the state, up in the County, Downeast, Southern Maine and a few other spots here and there.

You can plan on a primitive tent experience along with plenty of activities to enjoy during your camping trip including snowshoeing, snowmobiling, winter hiking, back-country skiing, ice skating and ice fishing.


These State Parks are open all year round from 9 AM until sunset.  Be mindful that facilities are probably closed this time of year but there will be an entry booth to pay cash or check for you winter camping experience at a Maine State Park.

At this time of year you will need to contact the particular park you'd like to set-up camp at.  The number to call is included below with each of the 8 Winter Camping destination at Maine's State Parks, along with some activities to look forward to and links to more resources about each location.

For more information on wintertime camping in Maine, check out this flyer from Maine.gov.  This information gets a little more detailed on what's expected for State Parks but also shares Public Lands available for wintertime camping, too.

Take in one of the most beautiful seasons here in the State of Maine by tenting it!  Keep safe and find your joy during the winter here in Maine!

8 Places to Do Winter Camping In Maine

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