These flavors are perfectly natural to Maine residents, but did you ever wonder what people from other countries think about what we eat?

The TRY Channel is a group of funny Irish folks who enjoy sampling food from all over the world, and recently on their YouTube Channel, which has over 1 million subscribers, they took on several of the unique flavored jellies from Stonewall Kitchen, which is a specialty food producer based in York.

Comedians, Richard McConkey, Nial Gleeson, Paddy Murphy (Yes, people from Bangor, that is his actual name) Lena Klein, Martin Angolo, and Sean Macgbharon, sample some pretty funky flavors, and give their critique, and of course, it is delivered in that delightful, albeit, Irish brogue, that can sometimes be a bit to difficult to understand.

Wild blueberry jam, apple jalapeno jelly, bourbon bacon jam, and roasted garlic onion jam, are all on the sample menu.

A few years back, they tried some other food and beverage products that are associated with the state of Maine. As always, it is hysterical to watch someone try Moxie for the first time because you can tell how they feel about it, within the first two seconds after they take a sip. Bixby bars, chocolate-covered blueberries, and my personal favorite, chocolate Needham's.

Maybe we should return the favor, and have a taste test some of the delicacies from Ireland! How about a little haggis, boiled bacon and cabbage, and some black and white pudding for dessert. Anyone?

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