On a fishing trip for mackerel, this awesome picture was taken.

There have been several shark sightings in Maine waters this year. Of course it's THIS year that there are sharks. It's 2020. Nothing is surprising.

But when friends of Mark Fahrman went mackerel fishing at the mouth of the Damarscotta River, they had no idea they'd have some serious competition.

This picture is remarkable! But not surprising.

According to Wikipedia, Damariscotta is an old Abenaki word for "river of many fishes".

Uh, I should say so.

The part that is so 2020, is that it could be a shark. Who are we kidding? It's 2020...it's 100% a shark!

I have never been more anxious to see a year go away like this one. I mean...we are all hoping 2021 is better. It will be IF we can take the sharks, elections, coronavirus, racial injustice, Karens and pack them all up and put them away!

Shark Species in Maine

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