This week for WTW, we wanted something that could look really obvious, but could could easily de-rail into a million different directions. It seems we definitely achieved our desired results. Check out the guesses down below...

Cori Skall
Cori Skall

JStew: To be honest, though the photo is not strange to me, it's from a few weeks ago, and I have pretty much spaced what it is, and like other folks, have been waiting until today to remember exactly what it is. I felt like it looked super obvious, but there was some sort of plot twist at the end, as though this were some sort of Alfred Hitchcock photo or something. Did you guess right?!

Cori: Originally, I took a picture of this because I was so proud of myself for not lighting it on fire and/or totally destroying dinner...because I have been known to do so. So I took the picture, and was admiring how creamy the topping looked...and was suddenly inspired! And that's how this week's What's This Wednesday clue came to be....

What was it? Well...

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Your answers were awesome, so we're going to list them all right here. Enjoy!!

Here are some of the most creative incorrect answers we had this week:

Chris Godsoe Is it some of that "Fireproof snow" the government spread around down in Texas? I bet that's what it is.

Lisa Hastings Tire tracks in the snow, with the sun shining on it

Jackie Barbera It looks like gifford's grapenut ice cream

Kari Jo Davis Ok, I'm stepping outside of the frosting and mashed potato, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say bacon grease.

Chris Sockalexis Mars

Robert Kaye I can’t believe it’s not butter.... really though, I can’t believe it

Cheryl McManus Wallpaper paste

Here are the ones that were in the ballpark...kind of....

Sarah Diecidue Cake frosting

Annie Lewis Frosting on a cake

Heather Kerns Frosting -- on a chocolate cake!

Paul Keezer Frosting on a Honey Bun...

Mary Klein Drouin Frosting

Kelly Mahar Cream cheese frosting
Betsy Goodwin Frosting
Kim Poors Frosting
Shawnna Farley Frosting!
Harry Wilson Jr. Frosting
Mary Sapiel Frosting on either a cake or a pan of cinnamon rolls
Lin Briggs Vanilla frosting on a chocolate cupcake
Jen Megquier Looks like frosting with a little bit of cake in it and that would have driven my Grandma nuts. She hates frosting a cake for that reason.
Midge Hamm Butter cream frosting
Dawn Burke Beswick Frosting on a cake
Lori Beth Because it has little brown bits in it, I'm going to say cream cheese frosting on a cake.
Sue Simard-Poliquin Vanilla frosting
Sandra Lyn Cake frosting
Keri Whitney Cream cheese frosting
Daniel L Burt Creme cheese frosting!
Stacy George The cream filling of a whoopie pie.
Rob Irwin Mashed potatoes or cake frosting.
Cheryl Chasse Mashed potatoes or cake frosting

Here are the ones who were 97% correct: 

Jon Goodwin Mashed potatoes

Greg Miller Mashed taters

Linda Memaw Boone Mashed potatoes!

Bob Hatch Mashed, or whipped potato?

Melissa Anne mashed potatoes

Mary Ganem Mashed potatoes
Patricia A. Coty Mashed potatoes
Rick Thibodeau Mashed potatoes
Nancy Gildred Mashed potatoes

And the two that got went all the way and nailed it this week:

Jennifer Grundy Trowbridge Shepherds pie

Doug Springer Mashed potatoes on top of Shepard’s Pie.
Cori Skall
Cori Skall

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