There's no denying that Maine has a beautiful coastline. And while for most of the year, the ocean is too cold for comfort for many around to even dip a toe into, there are those couple of blissful summer months when the waters are warm enough that you can actually swim and surf.

Recent sightings of great white sharks off the coast of Maine and the death of a woman in Maine waters from a shark attack in Maine waters a couple of years ago are stark reminders of just how wild Nature can be, especially when we venture into it's territory.

And when something like a shark attack happens, even if it is a rare occurrence, it fills folks with fear and leads people to be apprehensive about entering and enjoying the water.

Shark baring its teeth

It's just this sentiment; a love and respect for the ocean and not wanting folks to fear it,  that motivated Nathan Garrison to create a shark deterrent several years ago.

Nathan has spent countless summers surfing our coastline and has a special connection to the waters here. He was particularly impacted by reading about shark attacks, having lost friends in similar situations. So he created something to help people feel confident in the water once again.


We caught up with him a few years back to talk about his experiences and how he came to create Sharkbanz.


If you'd like more information about Sharkbanz, you can click here.

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