I had no idea so many Mainers were all about getting busy with coworkers.

Well, that's not totally true. I worked for years in kitchens, and anyone who's ever worked in the foodservice industry will tell you, there's a whole lot of people sleeping with each other behind the scenes. Luckily, or unluckily as the case may be, I was a cook, so I was spared most of that.

Being a cook in a restaurant is kinda like being a drummer in a band. You watch a whole bunch of servers making bad decisions with each other, but typically not doing much foraging into the back of the house. But I've watched more than a handful of servers quit mid-shift because their out-of-work activities were biting them in the behind.

But a whole lot of Mainers would still consider workplace romance.

According to a press release MoneyPenny.com, Mainers are the most likely in all the country to take part in a workplace romance. Seventy-five percent of Mainers in their survey said they've thought about getting more than work done with a coworker. I don't know whether we should be proud of ourselves for being open-minded, or sad that we're foolish enough to do it.

The rest of New England was simultaneously not a surprise, and a total surprise. For instance, one might assume Massachusetts was right behind us. Nope, Vermont. Mass and Connecticut are the next in line, each headed toward 50% like Vermont. But the real surprise was Rhode Island. They came in dead last at just 16%.

No judgment about what you do or don't do, outside of work.

None of this should imply Mainers are doing anything wrong. You gotta do what works for you. But it's always risky to date a coworker. Or have a crush on your boss. Or drunk text your office mate. It may be the best thing that happened to either of you. But the fact is, we Mainers are taking that plunge faster than literally everybody.

It also shouldn't be made to infer that there's a bunch of homewreckers out there causing trouble, but also another risk with coworkers. Like the old saying goes... It's probably best not to dip your quill in the company ink. A bit crass... but it definitely drives home the point. Romance carefully, my friends....


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