The recent cold spell here in Maine has been an ice skater's dream!

The rink is open, and it's free!  Make sure that you check the Ellsworth Ice Rink's Facebook page to make sure that it's open.  Because for instance, today it's closed until 1 p.m. for maintenance.  Although, if the weather has been ideal for ice and you don't find a post on the page, then it's safe to assume that the Rink is open.

We want to thank the volunteers who go through the effort to provide this wonderful recreational opportunity!

Knowlton Community Park is located on State Street. The kids can also enjoy the playground and run all over the place!  Make sure that you check out the giant urn!

By the way, have you lost your skates?  These were left behind recently and would like to find their way home!

TSM photo
TSM photo

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