Driving by you can't help but notice the giant black Urn, but why is it near a playground?

Amanda McDonald

Okay, so we were kind of creeped out at first. That was until we found out there is nothing in it. The Urn is located at the entrance of Knowlton Park in Ellsworth. The Urn was added to the park as an art piece hoping to draw attention to the park, and that it has done!

According to a post on The City of Ellsworth Facebook in 2016:

The urn was strategically placed to draw attention to the entrance of Knowlton Park and indeed has quickly become a local landmark. Each Lunaform design is named for a small town in Italy. The Knowlton Park urn is called “Ebro” and is the “XXL” size. Recently a commemorative brass plaque was added to the decorative granite that flanks the left side of the urn, and as warmer weather approaches, more trees, plants and flowers will be planted in that section of the park. Two large granite blocks provide a quiet place to sit while enjoying the art and the park.

The art was designed, created, and donated by Lunaform, a Sullivan, Maine company creating unique, and long lasting garden art, vases and urns.

Amanda McDonald

The urn is one of the latest in a series of 'Art in the Landscape'. The park features more art and beautiful landscaping in the summer. There is also a playground, picnic tables, a splash pad, swing set and in the winter, and ice rink!