Some people are going back to their childhoods for a creative solution for a common problem that plagues bird feeders.

The Rise in Popularity Of Gardening Hacks

Gardeners and lawn care aficionados are finding each other like never before thanks to helpful (and sometimes quirky social media groups. The Punk Rock Gardening and Bird Watching Facebook group, for example, boasts a membership of nearly 200,000 people.

"This group was started by an old school punk rocker who noticed lots of old school punk fans and musicians are now taking up gardening and bird watching as hobbies," the group page explains in its about section.

Gone are the days of relying on an older family member or a helpful neighbor for advice on what to do with your yard. Not only are gardeners making better connections, but they're also learning creative hacks for dealing with things like pests and whatever those weird spots are that are probably growing on your plants right now.

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One such hack utilizes a once-popular children's toy.

How People Are Using Slinky Toys In Their Yard

For those who can't seem to ever have enough bird feeders hanging from their backyard trees, you might want to consider this genius and inexpensive hack.

One of the most annoying parts of putting out feeders is also having to deal with unwanted wildlife that also might be after the food. We're looking at you, squirrels.

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Southern Living recently rounded up a collection of genius hacks that will save homeowners a ton of frustration. A go-to for those battling pesky bird food thieves is placing a Slinky on each bird feeder.

Slinky on a bird feeder

The website recommends wrapping the Slinky around the pole holding up the feeder, making it more difficult for squirrels to climb. You also can let the Slinky hang loosely from the feeder.

"Not only will birds regain control of the feeders, but you'll also enjoy hours of entertainment watching squirrels try to conquer this new moving barrier," Southern Living writes.

It sure beats giving them a Rubik's Cube to keep them entertained.

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