You might not believe it, but it's a more common dilemma than you'd imagine.

Just think about being a trucker or someone on a long road journey, cruising along the highways for hours and hours at a time. But then suddenly, nature calls with such urgency that you can't just pull over, because there isn't a nearby pit stop.

So, what do you do? You grab the closest thing like a Gatorade bottle and turn it into a makeshift toilet on wheels. You relieve yourself in said bottle and continue on your journey.

This is obviously something that is mostly gender-specific, because women would have a very hard time with the 'aim game', if you get me.

I realize this might not be the most pleasant topic, but I was recently reminded of that hilarious scene from Dumb & Dumber where Jim Carrey pees in a beer bottle.

Classic, right?

That scene got me thinking...

Is it illegal to pee in a bottle in your car in Maine?

I found out that there is not a specific law in Maine that explicitly prohibits peeing in a bottle while in your car.

However, certain actions related to driving distracted are illegal if you are endangering public safety or violating other regulations. Take a peak at Maine's distracted driving laws. 

For instance, if urinating in a bottle causes distraction or reckless driving, it could potentially lead to legal consequences. It's always smart to practice safety and pull over to have a restroom break before grabbing that Gatorade bottle.

Not to mention, in order to pee, you are exposing your bits, and that could also fall into the indecent exposure laws in Maine. 

It's not illegal, but it could be considered distracted driving if it leads you to endangering public safety.

My opinion? Don't pee in your car unless you physically can't control yourself. Pull over.

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