Let's be honest...we have all done our fair share of complaining about Maine's roads.

During the winter we complain about the snow and ice.



During the summer, we complain about the construction.

Google Maps
Google Maps

And during the fall, we complain about the traffic, as leaf peepers flock to the state.

Car queue in the bad traffic road

But the season that gets most of the complaints, in my humble opinion (not that the complaining isn't warranted- because it really does suck) is Spring, better known in Maine as Pothole Season.


Preserving Maine's Roads 1, MDOT YouTube
Preserving Maine's Roads 1, MDOT YouTube

And as much as we bicker about what a pain it is to hit these sometimes minor, sometimes small pond-sized car-destroying nusences, how many of us really know what goes on, when we're not looking, to try to make things better?

At one point, Maine DOT offered up knowledge and perspective on the matter, by way of a little video. In it, they explain how potholes are created and why some areas get fixed.

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They have put together a handy little video that gives us all a peek, behind the scenes, at how state and municipal officials determine which roads are at risk, and which get attention in this handy video.

"Each spring, MaineDOT evaluates potential damage to state and state-aid highways and determines whether weight restrictions should be imposed to prevent damage due to freeze/thaw action. Many municipalities undertake similar evaluations and restrictions on local road systems. This video highlights the details of that process. It is aimed at municipalities, but the general public may find the information enlightening."

In the video, you'll learn all about how roads get damaged, how potholes form, and how heavy trucks can impact the roads.

They also dive into some of the legal nuances of what happens when you drive on a posted road.

And for those new to the Greater Bangor Area, you might want to write this down.

We asked folks where the most horrific holes are hiding, and these were the spots that made the list:

We got specifics of a few spots in Brewer that have tortured tires recently. There are craters along State St., Essex St., Ohio, and Hammond Streets in Bangor that you'll want to avoid.

If you're traveling along the Stillwater section of the bridge in Old Town, you may want to take note that it's become a battlefield that needs to be carefully navigated.

Waterville, the entire city, made the list. As did spots in Ellsworth, too.

Now, we want to be clear that we're not implying, by any means, that these potholes are around because of a lack of effort.

Mother Nature has been kind of a disaster this year. Between the wind and the rain and the snow, she's been poking holes in the roads all over Eastern Maine this year.

So make sure when you do head out, you keep your eyes peeled for the big ole' craters that might be out there...lurking around every corner, just waiting to swallow your car whole!

And since we're on the subject of potholes and roads, here's one for you:

Where Are The Worst Potholes In Eastern Maine?

We asked, and you answered. Here's where you have found the worst potholes, so keep your eyes peeled and get ready to steer clear of them.

Gallery Credit: Cori Skall

And while you're trying to avoid the potholes, you may also want to keep an eye out at these intersections, as they're notorious spots where folks have ended up with car damage. 

Top Ten Worst Bangor Intersections for Car Crashes

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And here, too. 

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