There are things we see on a daily basis that we pay no mind to. These things sometimes are just random, but in this case, they do in fact serve a vital purpose.

We've all seen what Maine school buses looks like. At this point, when we see the color yellow on the road, we all know that the kids are coming.

Ever take a good look at the side of a school bus?

If you have, you may have noticed three black horizontal lines running alongside it.

According to First Coast News, these black lines are called "rub rails."

Captain Eric Prosswimmer with Jacksonville Fire and Rescue in Florida says that if needed, the rub rails could guide firefighters on where to cut into the bus, since they mark structural members. But it's not the main purpose.

A viral post on X claimed that the black lines are for firefighters, in case they need to cut into the side of the bus for a rescue. The bottom line is the floor of the bus, the middle is the seats, and the top line is the top of the seats.

A representative from Student Transportation of America, put out a statement explaining that while the lines on the bus do align with specific areas, their first function is to protect the bus in case of impacts or rollovers.

The two purposes of lines on a side of school buses are meant for safety measures. They guide firefighters to know where to cut if need be, and they help protect the bus if impact occurs.

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