It's been a minute since the motel burned down in this spot.

The Village Green Motel didn't survive the pandemic, but not for the typical reasons. They had a catastrophic fire that leveled the building, and since then the lot where it stood is just an empty parking lot on Mullen Way. Since then it's gone up for sale and is actually the most expensive property for sale in Brewer at roughly half a million bucks.

That may seem like a crazy high price, but this is also one of the most high profile/high traffic areas in all of Brewer. Whatever kind of business that decided to go in there would likely automatically succeed sue to it's super high visibility. So what should go in there? I thought maybe any one of these five concepts could easily flourish here. Check them out...

A drive-thru coffee/food spot.

A vector illustration of People Buying Coffee at The Drive-thru Coffee Shop

To be fair, Dunkin' is just steps away from this location. In fact, a lot of folks thought maybe that Dunkin' should leave their location on the very tip of Wilson and State Streets, and take up residence here. Many thought it would be easier to get in and out of. An Arby's or something like that could also do pretty well here.

It'd be great spot for a brewery.


Since craft beer is one of Maine's greatest achievements at this point, why not put a proven beer house right in there. There's already a parking lot and access from both sides, so it seems like a no-brainer. Maine also seems to support beer in masses, so what could be bad about another brewery?

Maybe an ice cream shop?

Woman serving ice cream in Confectionery shop

Everyone loves Jimmie's in Brewer. Would this be a better spot? Hard to say, since they do such a huge business where they are. But this could also capture a lot of the incoming/outgoing traffic to Bar Harbor. Or something like Gifford's could open up a sweet (no pun intended) location here.

Food truck lots are gaining popularity all the time.

Signboard of a food truck with colorful pennants

To me, this seems like a super logical course of action. If someone purchased the lot, they could just collect rent from the trucks that wanted to park there, as a semi-permanent location. I know food trucks pride themselves on being mobile, but lots have found success with parking in one location for an extended period.

A clothing boutique, perhaps?

Female shop assistant talking to customer in a clothes shop

Brewer has Marden's and some other smaller offerings, but doesn't have a ton of options for shopping for clothes. Large scale retailers have fallen by the wayside in some ways because of online shopping, but some small boutiques have risen up out of all of it. It'd be especially great if one of Maine's top designers put in a storefront.

Obviously, the sky's the limit and it's only your imagination holding you back. Again, we're talking about one of the most visible, high traffic areas in Brewer. That should be it's biggest selling point. Only time will tell what will ultimately make 7 Mullen Way its home. Until then, we'll all just keep using it as a cut-thru...

Hmmmm... Maybe a pet store could go in that spot?

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