I'll always be a bit of a real estate voyeur.

I remember when my wife and I bought our last house, she caught me online looking at house the same day. I just like to see what the insides look like more than anything. Sometimes I'll see a house that I've been driving by for years, and it'll go up for sale, so naturally I have to look and see what those folks live like, hahaha.

Even on this very day, I find myself looking at real estate listings, just to see what's what. A property in Brewer caught my eye for two reasons today... 1) It's the most expensive piece of property currently for sale in Brewer. And 2) It's literally a parking lot. It wasn't always a parking lot, but right now it is.

Photo: Kim Meagher ERA Dawson-Bradford Co.
Photo: Kim Meagher ERA Dawson-Bradford Co.

It's the location of the former Village Green Motel.

The technical address is 7 Mullen Way, and it sits right behind the Brewer Public Pool, in between Wilson and State Streets. Back in the late summer of 2020, the Village Green Motel burned down in a pretty major fire. Since it's been torn down, nothing has come in to replace it and it's a big vacant spot that's had some parking lines installed.

Photo: Kim Meagher ERA Dawson-Bradford Co.
Photo: Kim Meagher ERA Dawson-Bradford Co.

But here's the kicker, that little strip of land just barely over half an acre, is listed at $550,000 from the ERA Dawson - Bradford Company. Over half a million bucks... for a parking lot. Now of course, this is prime Brewer business real estate. It ain't cheap, but it's a worthwhile investment for whoever gets their hands on it.

Not only that, the new owner will have to have pretty deep pockets to buy the lot and then build themselves a structure of some kind as well. But this is a super high traffic area that will serve someone well, at some point.

What would you put for a sweet new business in that location?

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