Maine produces so many successful people because we have a remarkable pool of talent, and we love to showcase them!

With so many accomplished people emerging from our state, it's a challenge to keep up! So I want to shine a spotlight on yet another person who's thriving in the business world, reaping financial rewards through their hard-earned success.

His name is Andrew Silvernail, and is a graduate of Bucksport High School. According to WABI, he was recently named the new CEO of International Paper. Andrew graduated from Bucksport back in 1989, and he will start his new role the first of May. He's going to be takin over the Memphis, Tennessee, headquarters.

What's so interesting about this company is that it is worth billions. Not millions, billions.

According to the article, International Paper has over 39,000 employees worldwide, with a plant in Auburn, Maine, on Allied Road.

Last year, their sales were nearly $19 billion, as per the article.

According to Glassdoor for 2024, the VP Global Business is the highest-paying job at International Paper, racking in a salary of $453,919 per year.

What exactly does the International Paper Company do in case you want to make billions too?

According to their website, they take things from nature that can be used again and again, and turn them into things that people need every day, whether it's eco-friendly packaging or materials for absorbent products.

This announcement of Andrew becoming the new CEO has caused the company's stock to rise by over 10% during Tuesday's trading.

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