For almost all of us, every day includes some time behind the wheel of a vehicle. As cars have evolved, so have driving habits. Some for the better, some for the worse. Statistically, more people than ever wear their seatbelts while driving. But more people are also distracted behind the wheel thanks to mobile devices, resulting in fatal car accidents happening every 16 minutes in the United States.

Assurance crunched the numbers in a new study to pinpoint the exact dates and times that are the most dangerous to drive in each state.

Saturday is the Most Deadly Weekend Day in Maine

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Saturday is the most deadly day on the road for 42 states, including Maine. Many factors are at play when it comes to having the most fatalities on Saturdays. More drivers are on the road, leading to the potential for more speeding, more distracted driving, and more drunken driving. Nearly 20% of Maine's total driving fatalities occur on Saturdays.

Wednesday is the Most Deadly Weekday in Maine


Maine joins nine other states in the country as having Wednesday as the most deadly weekday behind the wheel. Most states had either Monday or Thursday as the deadliest, but over the last five years, Wednesday has proved to be the deadliest weekday in Maine, with a little over 12% of state's total driving fatalities occurring on Wednesdays.

Between 4-5pm is the Most Dangerous Time to Be on the Road in Maine

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Between 4-5pm is the deadliest hour to be on the road in eight states, including Maine. It's one of the deadliest hours nationwide, and most of the data suggests the reasoning to be drivers' exhaustion after work combined with speeding and poor driving decisions in an attempt to get home faster. 7% of all driving fatalities occur during this hour in Maine. Surprisingly, there were no morning commute hours as the deadliest in any state across the country.

When is the Safest Time to Drive in Maine?

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Statistically, Tuesday is the safest day to drive in Maine. It has the lowest number of fatal accidents per 1,000 drivers. Additionally, the 10-11am and 11am-12pm hours are statistically the safest hours to travel in Vacationland.

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