Thalassophobia is the persistent and intense fear of deep bodies of water, such as the sea, oceans, or lakes. If you have this phobia, you might want to consider skipping this trip to the lake.

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While thalassophobia can be quite daunting for those considering a trip to the lakes of Maine, the state, with over 6000 lakes and ponds according to the University of Maine, offers a plethora of options for water enthusiasts.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

In a 1989 Maine Geological Survey by Boston University's Department of Geology, it was theorized that Maine's lake basins were primarily formed by granular disintegration of plutonic rocks and stream and glacial erosion of metasedimentary rocks. The aftermath of deglaciation turned all Maine lakes into glacial-marine or glacial-lacustrine environments, explaining the abundance of lakes in the Pine Tree State.

But which of these thousands and thousands of lakes is the deepest one?

Sebago Lake State Park
Phil Sunkel

According to a Maine Geological Survey conducted by the Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry, Sebago Lake takes the lead. Despite being second in surface area to Moosehead Lake, Sebago Lake boasts a depth of 316 feet at its lowest point, with a mean depth of 101 feet. Situated in southwestern Maine, 20 miles northwest of Portland and 50 miles southeast of the White Mountains, Sebago Lake spans the cities of Sebago, Casco, Naples, Raymond, Standish, and Windham.

At 316 feet deep, one might be tempted to make a 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin reference about those feet 'stomping a mudhole and walking it dry,' but let's stay focused.

If you're intrigued by other deep lakes in Maine, keep scrolling!

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