I've been fortunate enough to have some downtime from the morning show on Q106.5 with Ms. Cindy to explore this extraordinary state. As a self-proclaimed history nerd, I was very happy to stumble upon the town of Castine. Just like anywhere else in Maine, the views were spectacular, and the town has a historic story just waiting to be discovered.

Castine, Maine
David Bugenske/TSM Maine

My brief visit taught me that the town was settled in 1613, and one of its impressive main attractions, the Dyce Head Light, was built in 1829. That's almost 200 years old! My appetite to discover more historic towns had been awakened.

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So, I've decided to add visiting the 3 oldest towns in Maine to my to-do list based on their incorporated date. Do you know what they are? Hint: Castine legally became a town in 1796 making it not even in the top 10 oldest incorporated towns.

North Yarmouth is the Third Oldest Town in Maine

Yarmouth Station

North Yarmouth was incorporated in 1683. Think about that. That's almost 100 years before the United States became U.S.A. Just north of Portland, I am very much looking forward to exploring this town because I can check off seeing the oldest lighthouse in America, Portland Head Light built in 1791. Before you fact-check me, I say the oldest in America because it was the first lighthouse built after our country declared its independence.

Kennebunkport is the Second Oldest Town in Maine

Kennebunkport, Maine
Getty Images/Mike Innella

Kennebunkport, Maine was incorporated in 1653 on July 5th, just one day shy of July 4th which had NO relevance to the settlers of Kennebunkport at the time. Fun fact, Kennebunkport was the summer home to President George H.W. Bush. His son, President George W. Bush still visits the home with his family multiple times a year.

And the Oldest Town in Maine Is ...

If you guessed Kittery, congrats, you can stop reading.

Whaleback Light

Kittery was incorporated in 1647! A coastal town destination for exploring the region's rich history, taking advantage of the beach, or taking a boat to Boston, Kittery is now at the top of my list. My favorite fact about the three oldest towns in Maine, is that you can visit all three in one day. I hope this inspired a trip for you to experience this summer!

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