May be a little late to the party, but I’ve just discovered a cocktail that embodies the essence of Maine like no other, and I need to know if others knew about this. What’s colloquially called "The Burnt Trailer," a uniquely Maine concoction that combines two beloved Pine Tree State staples: Allen's Coffee Brandy and Moxie pop. 

The story of Allen's Coffee Brandy's popularity in Maine is intertwined with the state's rich fishing heritage. According to legend, fishermen, in their quest for warmth on cold mornings, began adding this unique brandy to their coffee, a tradition that soon spread across the region. This cozy coffee brandy later found its way into bars, where it is commonly served in a pint glass alongside an equal part of milk, affectionately known as a "Fat Ass in a Glass."

Allen's Coffee Brandy

But Mainers are not ones to stop at tradition alone. They took their fondness for Allen's Coffee Brandy a step further by creatively mixing it with another iconic, yet divisive, local beverage: Moxie. 


The Burnt Trailer, the result of this Maine-inspired collaboration, is a simple yet surprisingly delightful cocktail. Just combine one part Allen's Coffee Brandy with two parts Moxie, and voila! You have a uniquely Maine experience in a glass. The marriage of the brandy's rich coffee flavor with the distinct taste of Moxie creates a harmonious balance that tantalizes the senses.

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As a dutiful journalist, I couldn't resist the opportunity to experience The Burnt Trailer firsthand. Skeptical at first, I approached the combination with caution, expecting the unexpected. To my pleasant surprise, the cocktail surpassed my expectations. The fusion of flavors was surprisingly enjoyable, with the bitterness of Moxie perfectly complementing the robustness of Allen's Coffee Brandy. It was a harmonious blend that truly represented the spirit of Maine.

The only thing that could have made the experience “more Maine” is if I stirred the drink with a pinecone. 

Mainers have a knack for endearing and humorous names for their drinks, and The Burnt Trailer is no exception. This curious cocktail is affectionately referred to as the "Welfare Mom" when mixed with Diet Moxie, and alternative nicknames for Allen’s on its own include the "Champagne of Maine," and the "Lewiston Martini." 


So, even if you’re just a little curious and, of course, you’re above the legal drinking age, do yourself a favor and give The Burnt Trailer a try. Let this cocktail transport you to the heart of Maine, where tradition and innovation coexist in perfect harmony.

Cheers to The Burnt Trailer, the epitome of our great state of Maine in a glass!

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