America's favorite daytime talk show host, once attended a movie premiere here in the Queen City!

Hard to believe it now, but back in 1984, there was no Bangor Mall Cinemas, that didn't arrive until a year later. In those days, most people went to see movies in Brewer, where the Hannaford now stands.

What is now known as Bangor Opera House, once served as a movie theatre too, where the latest Hollywood hits would play. And in May of 1984, then local reisdent, Stephen King, had yet another movie adaptation coming out, and it brought some stars to town for the world premiere.

"Firestater" is a horror film, based on King's 1980 novel of the same name. A very young, Drew Barrymore, plays a girl who develops pyrokinesis and the secret government agency known as The Shop, which seeks to control her.

Drew, even at 9 years old at the time, was no stragner to fame, having become a huge star, after appearing in the smash hit "E.T."

In this incredible video footage, you can not only get a small glimpse of what Bangor looked like 40 yeras ago, but you also get to see an adorbale Drew, walking the red carpet, downtown!

In a recent American Film interview, he had plenty to say about this now-streaming Netflix title.

“Firestarter is one of the worst of the bunch, even though in terms of story it’s very close to the original. But it’s flavorless; it’s like cafeteria mashed potatoes.

There are things that happen in terms of special effects in that movie that make no sense to me whatsoever. Why this kid’s hair blows every time she starts fires is totally beyond my understanding.

I never got a satisfactory answer when I saw the rough cut. By that time, Dino De Laurentis was regularly asking me for input. Sometimes he’d take it.”

Back in 1984, the film received lukewarm reviews and was a box-office disappointment.

Drew, you have an open invitation to come back anytime and visit. I will personally escort you to a Maine Savings Amphitheater show, after a stop by Bangor Opera House, and The Tavern, of course.

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