I won't lie, driving fast is fun.

My wife doesn't seem to think so, but that's ok. I don't drive very fast when she's in the car. Nor do I do anything dangerous when I do drive fast. If I want to open it up a bit, I wait until there are zero cars around and do what I gotta do. I figure if I get pulled over, that's on me. But I would never endanger other drivers.


Some people however, can't grasp the concept of thinking of other people on the road. Especially after I saw a person doing well over 100 in the breakdown lane, just the other day. It was scary as heck, and it's hard to believe there are people that selfish out there, but here we are.

Back in 2016, a driver near Pittsfield proved this point as well.

According to the Portland Press Herald, an 18-year old at the time was clocked at 146mph on Interstate 95, headed north. Additionally, the car wasn't insured or inspected. The speed through this area is posted at 70mph, so this vehicle was traveling at over twice the legal limit.


The state trooper who pulled the vehicle over, stated that he had never personally clocked anyone going that fast. Turns out, no one else had either. So currently, this stands as the highest speeding ticket written here in Maine. But let's be real, people have certainly driven a lot faster than that.

Small, secret car clubs exist in Maine.

I've heard stories from people who are in the know, that there are informal groups of people that will head up beyond Old Town, where the speed limit increases to 75mph, and will take turns ripping it up the highway. One group will scout for cops/troopers while the others hang back waiting for the word...

Photo by Oscar Sutton on Unsplash
Photo by Oscar Sutton on Unsplash

If the coast is clear, they will throttle full-bore up the highway at speeds well beyond what we're talking about. But as I understand it, the rule is that there have to be no cars on the road before they hit the gas. Again, this is unsubstantiated, and sounds like a movie, but art often imitates life, so who knows for real.

At any rate, no one should try and break this wildly stupid record. If you do and you're arrested, you face jail time, fines, and loss of license. All for what? A few minutes of feeling like a bad ass? Leave that for the movies.

I suppose there are plenty of things you shouldn't do behind the wheel, including all of these things too...

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