Once again, haunted Fort Knox will become the epicenter of all things spooky & unexplained.

Once summer arrives in Maine, there is no shortage of things to do on any given weekend, and it is even better when it happens outdoors.

Saturday, August 17th, from 1 pm-4 pm, the annual Fort Knox Paranormal Fair is back for another exciting year.

Have you ever heard that there is a Bigfoot creature in Maine? Maine has many weird and interesting secrets, which is why the Paranormal Fair is such an unusual and fun event.

You can meet with enthusiasts, fans and professionals who believe in all things unusual.

Guest speakers include psychics, ghost hunters, cryptozoologists, and UFO experts who will demonstrate their gifts and provide presentations and lectures on their natural, unnatural and supernatural experiences from across Maine.

Admission that day is free with a park entry fee.

Not only can you enjoy the Fort Knox Gift Shop, but there will be over 20 unique vendors, artists, crafters, exhibitors, and authors.

Arts & crafts, including soap, candles, clothing, jeweler, crystals, skulls, freeze-dried candy, Ouija boards, tea, hand-crafted unique stuffed animals, psychic tarot card readers, tons of paranormal and cryptozoology books, will all be there for you to enjoy.

You can also meet the following exhibitors:

Maine Bigfoot Foundation
International Cryptology Museum
207 Paranormal
Paranormal Five

Located at 740 Ft Knox Rd, Prospect, there is always something going at Fort Knox Historic Site & Penobscot Narrows Bridge & Observatory.

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